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complete security services

Man Guards - A uniformed security presence controls access to your property, protecting its residents, employees, or clients.  Trained security can mitigate significant threats against personnel and profits.  An important first line of defense, guards deter opportunistic crimes, expertly secure evidence when a crime is committed, escalate incidents appropriately, and provide immediate protection until first responders arrive.  As keen observers, they can offer other insights to improve business efficiencies:  monitoring time, liaising with third parties serving the facility, checking electrical and air conditioning systems.  


Mobile Patrols - Boost community crime watch with our uniformed specialists who scout property perimeters and impede trespassers.  For residents requiring escort, liaison in emergencies, or access to help, seasoned patrolmen offer assurance and improve quality of life for your family. 


Canine Assistance  - Just the presence of these intelligent creatures is a powerful deterrent.  Our professionally trained dogs are fiercely loyal to their handlers, and will attack on command.  They also sniff out suspects who might otherwise remain undetected.


Private & Executive Protection - Clients requiring secure private escort or executive protection receive discreet, armed defense.  We offer unique professional experience drawn from decades of work in national security, celebrity protection, and commercial surveillance work for luxury brands.  

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