Three Ways To Prevent Fraud

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Let’s face it. Most companies don’t have a well rounded anti-fraud program in place. Generally, they only have strategies to detect and investigate fraud. The direct financial cost is generally a huge factor for management, but without a robust fraud program in place, this can lead to regulatory fines, increased insurance premiums and legal and investigative costs. Combating fraud must cover aspects of the fraud cycle:- fraud deterrence/prevention, fraud detection, and fraud investigation..

Management must do the following:

1) Identify the risks- by educating management and staff to identify risks, so that corrective measures could be taken.

2) Implement effective controls- by segregating duties, implementing physical safeguards and identifying at least one person whom fraud or suspected fraud should be reported to.

3) Implement Whistle Blowing Policy- the faster a business can detect fraud, it can potentially reduce reputational damage to the firm, cause the business less and discourage other whistleblowers from reporting issues to the media.

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