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commercial & corporate security 

Collections & Debt Resolution - Recuperating loans from delinquent clients requires skill, tact, and persistence.  As your agent, we collect and secure funds, protecting your staff, and affording dignity to struggling clients.  We also work with attorneys to bring unresolved matters to court.


Corporate Investigations


Access to Public Records - Most formal investigations begin with a search for the legal records of a subject.  In The Bahamas, they may include the following:


Asset Tracing, - which searches for company information, deeds, property ownership, and any legal actions taken against them.  This research often reveals shell companies, covert partnerships, and concealed properties.


  • Birth, Death, Marriage & Divorce Certificates, available through the Registrar General’s Office.

  • Comprehensive Business Search, from the Registry of Companies 

  • Criminal Records, Current and past legal actions against a subject 

  • Driver’s Licence Verification and History, to screen potential vehicle operators

  • Magistrate’s Court Registry, recording minor crimes and vehicle accidents 

  • Media Search, a deep dive into media chatter about the history, information, or  reputation of a subject

  • Sanctions, medical or legal penalties for professional violations

  • Sex Offender Registry, particularly important for employees and officials working with children and vulnerable populations. 

  • Supreme Court Registry, which records bankruptcies, tax liens, major crimes, and civil court matters.


Background Checks - Thorough investigation of potential partners and third party agents to protect your reputation. 


Due Diligence -  Comprehensive insight into sensitive compliance matters outside your company’s ordinary investigative scope.


Employment Screenings  - Discreet background checks to verify credentialing, references, reputation, and other risks.  


Commercial Fraud - Inspecting document trails, transactions, and system anomalies.  We obtain solid evidence to be handed over to the police for criminal charges.  Handling hundreds of fraud cases for various luxury brands, we’ve seen it all.  We have saved millions of dollars for our high profile clients.


Insurance Fraud - Background checks, surveillance, and examination of questionable claims. 


Loss Prevention - Third party investigations for termination.  Security to protect your staff during and after intervention.  We have successfully disrupted sophisticated and ordinary theft rings, and provide strategic recommendations to improve security.


Reputational due diligence - As a small island developing state, The Bahamas has not yet standardized codes in all commercial sectors.  Both citizens and expatriates are vulnerable to negligent tradesmen and unscrupulous agents.  Protect your interests.  Use our local channels to investigate the reputations of those proposing contracts with your firm. 


Workplace - We conduct investigations for termination, examine claims of workplace violence, assess security risks, and provide protection.

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