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Our Mission


We secure lives, livelihoods, and legacies in The Bahamas by protecting the private and professional interests of our clients.  


We support a just society for all Bahamians, founded on personal and social responsibility.  We execute ethical investigations with transparency, integrity, and dignity.  


We develop business resilience, blueprinting security protocols and best practices.  As creative solutionists, we resolve the problems you didn’t know you had.  We offer local know-how with global training and expertise.  



We are licensed security specialists with over 20 years of experience in civil, criminal and commercial investigations.  We safeguard Bahamian homes, communities, and industries  through enhanced life and property defense, risk assessment, and loss prevention.  From  investigations, surveillance and evidence collection, to corporate consultations and strategic planning, we leverage local intelligence and global standards to provide uncommon security protection. 



We are white-collar crime prevention specialists, trained to identify, prevent, and prosecute  fraud.  We have saved millions of dollars for international franchises, luxury brands, restaurants, and hotels, through sophisticated asset protection.


We understand how to track, trace, and collect evidence for domestic, criminal, and civil matters in The Bahamas.  We serve up results.


We offer varying levels of protection with our fleet of superbly trained Man Guards or  plainclothes detection; with canine defense, mobile services, and special event security; and with exclusive executive protection.


We develop custom solutions that work for you.  We listen, we’re loyal, and we deliver.  

Elston Bain


Elston Bain served on the Royal Bahamas Police Force for over sixteen years.  For two years in the Central Detective Unit, he developed a nose for crime, honed innate leadership skills, and deployed strong crime-busting teams.  Over the next fourteen years, he would serve the Force’s Security and Intelligence Branch, an elite protection unit assigned to  Bahamian cabinet members, dignitaries, and visiting world leaders. This commission required impeccable immigration and terrorist assessments of all ports of entry.  


As a Detective Police Corporal attached to SIB, he was professionally certified in: 

  • Advanced Firearms Training

  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Response Operations

  • VIP Protection - Tactical Support Team

  • Aviation Security Training

  • Airport and Preventative Security Procedures and Measures.

His passion for business protection ultimately led to resignation from the Force in 2012, in order to pursue substantive commercial loss prevention opportunities.  Through the International Compliance Association, Elston completed Diplomas in Anti Money Laundering, and Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance in 2017, the year he opened Tactical Security & Private Investigators.  He is currently pursuing professional qualification by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

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Our guards receive customized training at the Police College, as well as ongoing professional development to cultivate their particular business aspirations, personal goals, and community engagement. 


Our professional network includes trusted relationships in government, industry, the judiciary, and the disciplined forces

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